Ninoy Aquino – The Filipino is worth dying for

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“The Filipino is worth dying for”

The full non-truncated form of Ninoy’s Speech:

“I have asked myself many times: Is the Filipino worth suffering, or even dying, for? Is he not a coward who would readily yield to any colonizer, be he foreign or homegrown? Is a Filipino more comfortable under an authoritarian leader because he does not want to be burdened with the freedom of choice? Is he unprepared, or worse, ill-suited for presidential or parliamentary democracy?

I have carefully weighed the virtues and the faults of the Filipino and I have come to the conclusion that he is worth dying for because he is the nation’s greatest untapped resource.”

Ninoy Aquino, delivered at Asia Society New York on August 4, 1980

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Ninoy Aquino – The Filipino is worth dying for