35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings and Phrases for Travelers

➢ The 35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings and Phrases for travelers will assist newcomers (foreigners) and travelers to the Philippines with the basics in Filipino conversation. Majority of Filipinos speak the English language, but knowing common Tagalog phrases will surely endear you to local folks.
35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings and Phrases for Travelers

The 35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings and Phrases for travelers

English Phrase Filipino Pronunciation Filipino Meaning
• Please pa-kee-OO-sap Pakiusap
• Can I try? poo-we-deh ko poh soo-boo-KAHN? Pwede ko po subukan?
• How are you? koo-MOOS-tah kah? Kumusta ka?
• Fine, thank you. ma-BOO-tee, sa-lah-mat. Mabuti, salamat.
• Good morning magan-dang oo-mah-gah Magandang umaga
• Good night magan-dang ga-bee Magandang gabi
• Good afternoon magan-dang tang-ha-lee Magandang tanghali
• Have a nice day magan-dang ah-rao Magandang araw
• I don't like it ah-yao koh Ayaw ko
• See you later kee-TAH ta-yoh mah-ma-yah Kita tayo mamaya

The 35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings will also help out expatriates and foreign exchange students acclimate to the language.

• I love You mah-HAL kee-TAH Mahal kita
• Happy Birthday mah-LEE-gah-yang ka-a-ra-wahn Maligayang Kaarawan
• Happy New Year mah-nee-gong bah-gong tah-ON! Manigong Bagong Taon!
• Merry Christmas mah-LEE-gah-yang pahs-kow! Maligayang Pasko!
• Congratulations! bee-nah-ba-tee kee-TAH! Binabati kita!
• Yes OH-poh Opo
• No HEEN-dee poh Hindi po
• Pardon Me ma-WAH-lahng GAH-lahng poh Mawalang galang po
• You're welcome WAH-lahng ah-noo-mahn poh Walang anuman po
• A minute please san-da-LEE poh Sandali po

The 35 Must-Know Filipino Greetings include scenarios during travel, store transactions, personal greetings and in public place interactions.

• Delicious! sa-RAHP! Sarap!
• I'm Sorry pa-oo-mahn-HEEN poh Paumanhin po
• Where? sa-AN poh? Saan po?
• When? KAE-lan poh? Kailan po?
• What? A-no poh? Ano po?
• You're beautiful ma-GAN-dah ka Maganda ka
• You're handsome goo-wa-POH ka Guwapo ka
• How much is this mag-ka-no poh ee-TOH? Magkano po ito?
• My change please sook-LEE ko poh? Sukli ko po?
• Water? TOO-beeg poh? Tubig po?
• Where's the restroom? SAH-ahn poh ang BAHN-yo? Saan po ang banyo?
• Friend kae-bee-GAHN Kaibigan
• I like you goos-TOH kee-TAH Gusto kita
• Money pe-RAH Pera
• Goodbye pa-AH-lam poh Paalam po

*Po (poh) denotes respect in Filipino customs.

written by Rock Punzalan for Pinoy Search Network
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