Abelardo Aguilar discovered Erythromycin

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medicine_erythromycinIn the year 1949, Filipino Scientist Dr. Abelardo Aguilar sent an isolated soil sample of an antibiotic to his then employer Eli Lily Corp. The latter acknowledged his discovery three years later and named the antibiotic Ilosone (also Ilotycin), to honor Iloilo where Abelardo collected the soil samples. Erythromycin is touted to be a better alternative to Penicillin minus the allergic side effects. As of this day, no royalties or recognition was ever given by Eli Lily to the now deceased Dr. Aguilar. It is estimated that the corporation raked in billions from the popular drug.
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons
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Abelardo Aguilar discovered Erythromycin