Ninoy Aquino Profile

➢ The late Ninoy Aquino was born Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr on November 27, 1932 in Concepcion Tarlac. He was the leading opposition figure to former President Ferdinand Marcos and his Martial Law regime. Ninoy was a war-time correspondent during the Korean War and a former Senator of the Philippines. The husband of Corazon Aquino and father to Noynoy Aquino, he became a hero after his assassination at the Manila International Airport on August 21, 1983, serving as catalyst leading to the first EDSA revolution and restoration of Philippine democracy.
Ninoy Aquino Profile
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Personal Life of Ninoy Aquino
Ninoy's parents were wealthy hacenderos Benigno Aquino Sr and Aurora Lampa. They owned vast tracts of lands in Tarlac namely the Hacienda Maling, Hacienda Sawang and Hacienda Murcia. Aquino Sr. was also a former congressman at the House of Representatives (1919-1928) and Senator (1928-1934). Ninoy had eleven siblings, most prominent were former Senator Butz Aquino and Congresswoman Tessie Aquino-Oreta.

Ninoy's grandfather was General Servillano Aquino, who served in the revolutionary army under Emilio Aguinaldo, and was a delegate to the 1898 Malolos Congress.

Ninoy began his studies at De La Salle College during elementary, but finished at Saint Joseph's College of Quezon City. He then completed secondary school at San Beda College. Aquino interrupted his college studies at Ateneo de Manila, where he took-up a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later studied Law at the University of the Philippines Diliman, but later decided to pursue a career in journalism.

Aquino married former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino in 1953. He had five children with her, former President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III, celebrity Kris Aquino, Ballsy, Viel and Pinky.
Ninoy Aquino was assassinated on August 21, 1983 at the Manila International Airport (MIA).

  • Parents:
  • • Benigno Aquino Sr.
  • • Aurora Lampa

  • Spouse:
  • • Corazon Aquino
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